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Adobe Creative Suite $200 Off


Just thought I’d share that Adobe extended their discount offer on Creative Suite 4.

For a limited time, your version of Adobe® Creative Suite® 2, Creative Suite 1, Macromedia® Studio 8, Studio MX 2004, or Production Studio software qualifies you for up to US$200 off on eligible upgrades to Adobe Creative Suite 4 software. Don't hesitate, this
offer ends April 30, 2009.

Color Range Command in Photoshop


A Personal Photo to Share


What almost two year’s means to my little girl’s feet.

Children are a blessing... make sure you remind yourself of that every day and keep children around (they make you a better person).


New Media for New Government Podcast

Two weeks ago, I told you about our new group on Facebook for those interested in New Media. Many of you asked us to post the training videos to iTunes. We did.

You’ll also find 6 hours of
free video training to check out on their site. I’m one of the organizers of the group and I hope you can share this info with others. The group is free... the video is free... knowldge is free... let’s make a difference.

Here are the six videos you can watch (in HD even).
  • New Media Boot Camp slides
  • Facebook 101– Why all the Buzz? slides
  • Podcasting and Government slides
  • Blogging to Reach an Audience – Does Anyone Care What You Have to Say slides
  • It’s all About Mobility – Reaching Audiences on the Go slides
  • Producing Video for the Web – Best Practices for Big Results slides



Want a Free Book?

Peachpit is offering a cool deal. Try out Safari Books Online and get a free book. Of course, you’ll have questions.

Q: What’s
Safari Books Online?
A: It’s a ton of books you can read online from publishers like Peachpit, O’Reilly, and others.

Q: Is it really
A: Sign up for the trial... order a book. If you don’t like, cancel within the 10-day trial period. Otherwise they bill you for first month (which is about the cost of a book).

Q: Which Books are Free?
A: There are 10 to choose from.

  • Mastering CSS with Dreamweaver CS4 – Stephanie Sullivan, Greg Rewis
  • Building Findable Websites: Web Standards, SEO, and Beyond – Aarron Walter
  • A Project Guide to UX Design – Russ Unger, Carolyn Chandler
  • Online Communities Handbook – Anna Buss, Nancy Strauss
  • Mac OS X Leopard Killer Tips – Scott Kelby
  • The Hot Shoe Diaries: Big Light from Small Flashes –Joe McNally
  • The Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 2 Book: The Complete Guide for Photographers – Martin Evening
  • The Photoshop Elements 7 Book for Digital Photographers – Scott Kelby, Matt Kloskowski
  • Facebook Me! A Guide to Having Fun with Your Friends and Promoting Your Projects on Facebook –Dave Awl
  • SocialCorp: Social Media Goes Corporate – Joel Postman


Distressing Text Edges


Powering Audio Search for Video

“Across the Production Premium toolset, Adobe has provided increased support for metadata… [pause for audience applause]. What? You didn’t clap? Well metadata is pretty dang important—it can speed up your editing, improve collaboration, or even make your videos more accessible on the Web. Sure, it’s not as enticing as yet another tutorial on making things glow, but give it a shot.”

Continue to the
Layers Magazine website to see the full tutorial for free.

Handouts from Boston Authors Video Workshops

I recently spoke at the Authors Video Workshops in Boston. The event was sponsored by the BOSFCPUG & Focal Press. Over two days, I spoke on three topics I am passionate about: Photoshop, Final Cut, and web video.

Here are some of the promised resources.

Photoshop For Video

Professional Color Correction in Final Cut Pro

Producing Video Podcasts and Web Video

Enjoy... reviews on Amazon and iTunes always appreciated.


New Book for After Effects and Flash Users

I have literally just sent the last changes to the last chapter in. The brand new book After Effects for Flash | Flash for After Effects is going to print. I am quite proud of the book and it explores some amazing things. The book is designed for Flash and After Effects users, and is meant to teach them how to use both programs together (along with Creative Suite 4). The book explores some pretty revolutionary things, but also has great primers to get new users up to speed fast (you can’t put a race car on your cover if the book doesn’t cover serious ground).

The official blurb
Adobe Creative Suite 4 brings together two powerful animation tools, each of which has its own specialized features and workflow. Learning to integrate Adobe After Effects and Adobe Flash Professional gives you more options for your animations and effects and the power to integrate video and motion graphics into a richer user experience. In this book, authors Richard Harrington and Marcus Geduld lead both types of users, those who are more familiar with either Flash or with After Effects, on using the programs together for maximum efficiency and creativity.

After walking you through the core features of both programs, the authors then explore advanced uses for each application. Each chapter focuses on a particular function of the program, teaching you how to create content for Flash with After Effects, enhance your projects using 3D environments, create professional-looking video with Adobe Media Encoder, and add interactivity, accessibility, and searchability to your video. You’ll also get hands-on experience using the project files on the accompanying DVD.

Within these easy-to-follow, step-by-step lessons, you’ll learn to:
  • Seamlessly exchange projects and assets between After Effects and Flash
  • Shoot green screen material correctly, work with Keylight, and utilize embedded alpha channels
  • Create dynamic text, vector-based animations, and “animated” video using the tools in Adobe Creative Suite 4
  • Work with 3D cameras and lights and create 3D environments
  • Convert Flash to broadcast and DVD standards with After Effects
  • Use Adobe Media Encoder for professional results
  • Create interactive controls and use cue points in your video
  • Optimize video for accessibility and use Adobe® Soundbooth® for video transcription
  • Use ActionScript in your projects for more innovative animations

Get your copy now.... it really has some fun projects and cool things in it.


Free Expo Hall Pass for Photoshop World

Join us at the
Photoshop World Expo
March 26 - 27

If you are going to be in the Boston area in March but can't attend Photoshop World, you can still come join us at the Photoshop World Expo absolutely FREE!
The Expo portion of Photoshop World is a showcase of the latest cutting-edge digital imaging, computer- and design-related technologies, products, and services. You can also take advantage of free classes and product demos, as well as special discounts on the latest books and DVDs at the Official Photoshop World/Peachpit Bookstore!
Get your FREE, downloadable EXPO PASS ($40 value)
Photoshop World: The Eastern Conference Expo Hours: Thursday, March 26, 2009 - 1:00pm to 5:00pm Friday, March 27, 2009 - 9:00am to 1:00pm Hynes Convention Center 900 Boylston Street Boston, MA 02115 Hall C

Free Photoshop and After Effects CS4 Tutorials

Book.aspx Book.aspx
The fine folks at Focal Press have decided to release two free updates. The popular books Photoshop for Video and Creating Motion Graphics both have free updates for the Creative Suite 4 release.

Even if you don’t have these two books (which I’d really suggest you check them out)... the CS4 updates are absolutely free.


Gradient Wipe Transition – Final Cut Help

In this Final Cut Pro tutorial from Creative COW, learn how to implement various custom gradient wipe transitions using greyscale patterns. This is part of a series of Final Cut tutorials from


Alpha Channels : Creative COW : Photoshop Tutorials

In the Photoshop tutorial from Creative COW, learn how to make an alpha channel based upon the luminance in an image. Alpha channels allow you to store transparency in a graphic. This is part of a series of Photoshop tutorials from


Video Preview - Photoshop for Video

In this Adobe Photoshop video tutorial from, Richard Harrington explains how to output a digital video signal directly to a SD video monitor from Adobe Photoshop using a digital video converter via firewire and video preview controls. This tutorial is part of a series available at


Non-Square Pixels - Photoshop for Video

In this Adobe Photoshop tutorial from, Richard Harrington explores the problems associated with blending images that have square and non square pixel formats. This tutorial is part of a series available at


Smart Objects - Photoshop for Video

In this Adobe Photoshop tutorial from, learn how to use smart objects in CS4 to enhance your workflow. This tutorial is part of a series available at


Making Lower Thirds 2 : Creative COW : Photoshop Tutorial

In this Adobe Photoshop video tutorial brought to you from, author Richard Harrington continues to take a look at the process of designing lower thirds in Adobe Photoshop. This is part of a tutorial series available at


PSV#105 Chroma Keying Backdrops - Photoshop for Video

Instructor Richard Harrington shows you how to use Photoshop to create a library of backdrops for use in chroma keying.


PSV#103 Animating a Sky Part 1 - Photoshop for Video

Instructor Richard Harrington shows you how to add an animated sky to your still photos using Photoshop and After Effects. Part 1 of 2.


New Photoshop Book is Shipping

I am proud to announce that my new book, Understanding Adobe Photoshop CS4 is now shipping. This is the second edition of the book and it is fully updated for CS4 (even if you’re using CS3, you’ll find it a big help.) The book covers all sorts of great new features in Photoshop and I significantly revised it with nearly 100 new photos.

The book is on sale at
Amazon for 30% off, and adds some great new stuff.
The book is on sale at
Peachpit’s website for 35% off. If ordering from Peachpit, use the discount code UAPTWO at checkout.

We’ve made our podcast series totally interactive for our book readers (more in a few days).

You can access a free chapter on Automation
You can view an excerpt from a chapter on color correction

The books are in my hands and shipping from both
Peachpit and Amazon.

If you like the book... PLEASE
write a review (I’d really appreciate it).


Scott Kelby's Holiday Gift Guide is Great


Noted author Scott Kelby has released his annual gift guide. What’s great about the list is that there are some really cool tools on there for photogs and even hobbyists. It’s nothing but the coolest photography and Photoshop gear.

“Since many of you are new to the gear guide, I wanted to let you know how I make my picks each year, and why I think it’s different than most other guides you’ll find out there these days. Put simply, every item in here is stuff I actually use, it’s stuff I’m crazy about, and now it’s become stuff I can’t live without (which is sad, in a way), and it’s the same stuff I recommend to my friends (well, my friends with room on their Visa cards).”

I agree with several of his picks, already using things like the Hoodman Loupe and Boda Bag myself. Be sure to check it out.

PSV#102 Calculations - Photoshop for Video

Instructor Richard Harrington revisits Photoshop's calculations command, and shows you how to generate an alpha channel or selection matte based on the color values of an image.


128 UAP - Pixels in Depth - Understanding Adobe Photoshop

Instructor Richard Harrington gives you a close look at how pixels work in Photoshop CS4.

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Exposure Blending with Photoshop

Looking for a great article on mixing exposures? Then be sure to check out this great article by Sean Duggan.

“One classic technique that digital cameras make very easy is blending more than one exposure together for contrast control, increased dynamic range, or creative purposes. A variation on this technique is to apply different RAW-conversion settings to a single RAW file and then combine the files into a single image. Let’s explore both approaches and look at the proper camera technique behind the scenes.”


PSV#101 Black & White Adjustment Layers - Photoshop for Video

Instructor Richard Harrington shows you how to use Photoshop's black & white adjustment layers to give you more control over images you choose to make black & white.


127 UAP - Recovery in Camera Raw - Understanding Adobe Photoshop

Instructor Richard Harrington shows you how to do recovery in camera raw to post-process your images before opening them in Photoshop.

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PSV#100 Select Color Range in Photoshop CS4 - Photoshop for Video

Instructor Richard Harrington shows you what's new with the select color range command in Photoshop CS4.


Photoshop CS4 – Color Range Command

Richard Harrington shows you how to use the color range command and how CS4 makes it even easier to make a localized selection.

Want the videos in HD?  Then check out our
iTunes version.

Photoshop Disasters Makes Me Laugh

We’ve mentioned them before... but the website Photoshop Disasters has a wealth of great new posts. You just gotta check them out...

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